New soaps

I have several new soaps on the curing racks right now. My Des Moines & Norwalk customers had a chance to purchase a few of these during the July farmer's markets but I just made small batches and they flew off the shelves.

Above is one I'm calling Code Noir, and is based on Armani's Code Black cologne. One of my male customers suggested I offer more "manly man" scents-so this one's for you Ray! I'll try to get a few more out this fall. Any suggestions?
Other new scents include:
Pink Champagne: Several people note you can actually smell the bubbles!
Violet: This is a gorgeous scent & soap and I don't usually like floral scents.
Lemongrass: By popular request
Back in Stock:
Lemon Sugar
White Tea & Ginger
Clean-formerly named Riverwalk.
Bar None: Unscented & Uncolored
I'll have these photographed, labelled & ready for sale by Friday.
UPDATE: The Code Noir & Pink Champagne sold out again before I had a chance to put them up on the web. If you'd like to reserve some, just contact me.