Where to find my soap this year...

Oops!  I'm such a bad blogger.  I hadn't realized how  long it's been since I last posted.
 I've had a few people email me lately for my Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market Schedule.  

I'll be at the market the first Saturday of the month.  I'm usually located on Court Ave, close to 2nd Street on the north side.  The market runs from 7am-noon.  During the hot weather, I don't always bring my meltable
products - body butter, sugar scrubs, hand & body lotion, etc.  If you're looking for some of that, let me know in advance and I can bring some in a cooler.  Email me - jennifer @ tworiverssoaps.com (remove the spaces)

Remaining 2012 Market Dates

August 4th
September 1st
October 6th

I'm also planning on being at the Winter Farmer's Market (pending acceptance) in both November & December.

If you're in the Des Moines area you can also find my soap, scrubs, and deodorants at East Village Spa 
The best spa in Des Moines, in my opinion! 

Whole Foods in West Des Moines is also going to be carrying my soaps.  They will be  carrying 10 varities:
Some are old favorites, others brand new:

Almond Poppy Seed
Bar None - Uncolored & Fragrance Free
Chocolate Mint - Peppermint Essential oil with lots of Cocoa Butter
Garden Mint - Peppermint & Tea Tree Essential Oils
Herb Garden - Lavender & Rosemary Essential oils
Lavender Oatmeal
Lemongrass Patchouli
Oatcake - Unscented, oatmeal bar
Orange Spice- This contains Sweet Orange, Cassia, & Nutmeg essential oils

They are opening this Wednesday at 9 a.m.